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It would be my pleasure to provide a quotation for your water and sewer line needs.  We still take pride in workmanship, our customer service is second to none, and our work is guaranteed for one full year – in writing.  Should you require service after the sale, you’ll find our response time as good as it was the first time.

     Please call me, Ronnie Kellogg at (919) 291-3111 or submit an "Estimate Request" to setup an appointment, and I’ll be happy to drop by to talk about your water and sewer line needs – no pressure, double-talk, and no obligation.

In my Company, the customer is still always right, and you have my word on it.

We don’t leave the ground bare.  We tamp, rake, sow grass seed and cover with straw to complete the job.  We also cut off cleanouts at ground level.


  •  We saved one customer $1,000 on his water line, and $600 on his sewer repair.

  •  90% of the time, we can beat the prices of the big companies on water/sewer line repairs and installations.

 - Thanks, ~ Ronnie ~

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